Why we are the best in the business


Our focus is on building custom systems and processes that meet the individual needs and requirements for each individual client.

Lateral Workflows

Our accomplished staff is coached to adhere to the distinct guidelines set forth by each client. The purpose is to drive our staff to shape their specialized approach to these requirements, helping increase process efficacy all while reducing the margin of error, thus providing the edge that is essential to outperforming the competition.

Performance-Driven Environment

Through team building exercises, managers place an emphasis on the value of quality work and continued improvement. The staff works together to unify all areas of the firm’s operations in order to deliver our Golden Rule: Quality Service.

Compliance Overview

We promote compliance and efficiency. Team members undergo regular, ongoing training on compliance issues and are encouraged to take an active role in coming up with novel ideas that will be beneficial to our clients and to firm operations as a whole.


The Archetype
Employing a synchronized method of management, CIR managers are always congruently working together to implement processes that will increase efficiencies companywide. The Operations Manager works to bring together department heads to develop strategies as a whole, offering insight into problem areas as well as allowing for possible additions that will result in benefits felt across the firm. Through this schematic, the firm minimizes the externalities that occur due to lack of preparation and research, enabling managers to identify the adverse effects that processes may impose across departments.

Alpha/Beta Testing

With strong IT support, it is important that, through our programming and process implementation, we test our new programs and procedures. The IT Team, takes all our projects in development through rigorous alpha and beta tests. Tests are run on the programs during development, and then they are pushed out to one or two users to measure the effects on the firm's overall process. The users in different departments work together with our IT Team to seek out potential errors that could have resulted from the use of the new program. Before rolling out any new program, the IT Team creates exception reports that flag any irregularities which notify the programmers to investigate the occurrences. If multiple issues arise, the processes are suspended and the IT Team continues the testing phase.


In a constantly changing marketplace, we work hard to offer an operation that can adapt, and adapt quickly. The management team utilizes very practical methodologies, and Management thrives on its creativity. As new challenges or changes arrive, CIR is proficient in its ability to modify and can adapt quickly to meet the client's increasing demands. The overall motto is that no challenge is too great, and Management strives to maintain the firm's adaptability while simultaneously staying ahead of the competition and focusing on meeting and exceeding client’s expectations.


Meaningful Involvement

Our attorneys work closely with employees to guarantee quality service and compliance at all times. The attorneys work directly with, collectors, legal clerks, and the compliance team to train them on how to manage account queues, as well as the overall legal process and procedures. The attorneys work diligently to ensure that team members have the knowledge required to successfully handle the workflow and case load. Attorneys maintain active involvement from placement through resolution of each account.


Our IT Team works with our attorneys to develop programs that create automated workflows, allowing for high levels of production as well as an implementation of checks and balances to ensure delivery of both quantity and quality. Through automation the firm has seen an increase in production levels up to 200%-300% of what was being accomplished prior to this implementation. This process has freed up team member time, thus allowing them to focus more on accuracy and methods to increase production.

Attorney Collections

Our attorneys are true collection attorneys. The attorneys have vast experience in the industry and spend time on the phones working the accounts as the collectors do. The attorneys offer second voices for talk offs for the collection staff as well as handle all of our contested cases. With their collection abilities, it allows the firm to minimize the client's overall costs and time of litigation, thus increasing the account resolution rate for more difficult cases.

FDCPA Defense

With the increase in claims against debt collection law firms that routinely result in settlements made in an effort to avoid litigation, it became obvious that debt collection lawyers were being taken advantage of. The firm implemented a strategy to allocate the resources necessary to defend against these meritless claims. With a successful track record and a reputation that CIR will not settle without contest, we have seen a significant reduction in FDCPA claims against the firm and have gained much experience and knowledge in the area. We continue to defend ourselves when necessary, but we also offer FDCPA defense to our clients and their agents.


Automated Account Management

Through proprietary automated account management systems, the firm has developed a collection system that ensures efficient and effective collection methods catered to the client's specific account requirements. With workflows that resemble individual collector abilities, allowing them to work their accounts thoroughly with ownership and accountability, we have developed a system that produces high level batch liquidation rates with full and complete efforts on every account. All accounts are worked with intensity and veracity to the fullest degree.

Reporting Tools

Utilizing reporting agents, the firm's collectors are able to manage their accounts from both a macro and micro level. Collectors utilize reports that allow them to spot trends and weaknesses in their batches as well as pin-point account level detail to aid in their collection activity. Through data mining and reporting, the firm creates tools for our collectors to view their workflows from every angle and leave no stone unturned.

Specialized Team Training and Collector Development

Our Collection Team works with our attorneys and Compliance Officer to create specialized training programs for all regulatory and client requirements. All training procedures are monitored and documented to ensure that team members are up-to-date with collection and compliance trends and requirements. It is imperative that each member of any team learns their products and how to uphold the client's brand.